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The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City has provided access to 394,718 works of art as part of its Online Collection. One can now download a high-resolution image of their favorite Renoir, Matisse, Gauguin or any other work they find on the list for free.

Besides images of famous paintings, the collection contains photographs of statues, furniture, clothes and other artifacts. Another great benefit of the collection  is that online users can also see many works that are not currently on view in the museum’s showrooms, such as Dusk at La Baie des Anges by Raoul Dufy.

The news piece discovered via http://www.ibtimes.com/metropolitan-museum-art-offers-400000-works-art-free-high-res-download-1587265



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  1. Tanx, I barely got started, but will come back for more ))

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