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Earth space image

One may say that for us, people living on Earth, every day is an Earth day. So, let’s celebrate our beautiful home, our home full of wonders, full of the deepest depths and the highest peaks. A living, organic, loving planet without borders.

We’re not doing justice to it in many ways right now, but there is hope that, one day, we get back the clean air, we get back the clean water, we replace cars with clean means of transportation, remove the asphalt, remove the concrete, uplift heavy iron constructions and turn our planet Earth into a beautiful blossoming garden.

May this really come true!



Comments on: "April 22 is Earth Day – Let’s Celebrate Our Home!" (3)

  1. Very idealistic goals, which will be accomplished, due to technological advance. There are more trees in American today than a century ago, because they are harvested, then replanted, creating jobs in that process. Personally, I know the air in NYC is much cleaner, more bird species have returned to NYC, water quality is improved… etc. This link gives support: http://www.aei-ideas.org/2013/04/in-observance-of-earth-day-the-wit-and-widsom-of-george-carlin-on-saving-the-planet/comment-page-1/#comment-269866 I like George Carlin here, an amusing rant: “Man has done all he can to destroy nature: clear-cutting forests, strip-mining, poisoning the environment, over-fishing -so when nature strikes back, I enjoy that. I have no sympathy for humans. I always hope it gets worse.” That sounds evil, but he is a comedian providing interesting rebuttal to the conventional wisdom. On the more serious side, Steven Hawking recently pronounced that mankind will die out, unless we can emigrate to space. There is much truth in that, but I hope not with his stated deadline of a century.

    Great chart & analysis. I wonder if any of this downward slope is due to gov’t action? WHEN will the level of diminishing returns arrive? Can cost become negative?

    I can feel that this chart would show slope’s rate of change SLIGHTLY declining, IF rendered logarithmic. Eyeball estimate, diminishing returns limit ~ $2/Real GDP

    Yes, this can go negative, ie, using energy super efficiently will generate energy. I think that NOW is called breeder reactors. Cute, but trivial example NOW, but it is a goal worth incurring some expense to attempt. Pity no ‘greens’ seem to notice all this. Greens used to be amongst the brightest citizens, but they’ve grown too fond of gov’t mandates.

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