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Plus Zone Friday – The Earth is My Church

One of my favorite videos by CG Walters, author of “Sacred Vow” and “Strike a Chord of Silence.


Newly Elected MP of Aboriginal Origin to Put an End to Racism and Suicide Among Natives

Josie Farrer, a newly elected member of Parliament from Kimberley, Australia, addressed the Parliament saying that the region’s natives had no support in their struggle against racism and prejudice  outside their communities. Many had given up, including Josie Farrer’s 16-year-old grandson who committed suicide several years ago.

But, with Josie Farrer’s current MP status comes hope  for a brighter future.  She is determined to make improving the life of Aboriginal citizens her priority during her term.

Read the entire story at http://thestringer.com.au/josie-farrer-tells-parliament-she-has-lived-racism-all-her-life/#.UXhRE6IepYU

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In the Plus Zone – No Comments


15-Year-Old “Astronaut Abby” Inspires Others to Pursue Their Dreams

“A mentor often asks for nothing in return, except an unspoken agreement that when the time comes, you will do your best to help someone else in the future”, writes 15-year-old Abigail Harrison whose dream is become the first astronaut to Mars in 2030.

The aspiring astronaut’s dream began slowly transforming into something more tangible when she met Italian Astronaut Luca Parmitano and the latter had become her mentor. Now “astronaut Abby”, which is the name Abigail goes by, has also started an outreach program for kids and adults to inspire them to follow their dreams.

Read the entire story here – http://blog.aarp.org/2013/04/23/astronaut-abby-outreach-program-ways-to-promote-volunteering/

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April 22 is Earth Day – Let’s Celebrate Our Home!

Earth space image

One may say that for us, people living on Earth, every day is an Earth day. So, let’s celebrate our beautiful home, our home full of wonders, full of the deepest depths and the highest peaks. A living, organic, loving planet without borders.

We’re not doing justice to it in many ways right now, but there is hope that, one day, we get back the clean air, we get back the clean water, we replace cars with clean means of transportation, remove the asphalt, remove the concrete, uplift heavy iron constructions and turn our planet Earth into a beautiful blossoming garden.

May this really come true!


Plus Zone Friday – Flash Mob in Mumbai

This was organized on the 3rd anniversary of Mumbai terror attack that happened at that very station.

May all victims of all terror attacks find peace, light and consolation.

Students in Different Parts of U.S. Raise Funds for Boston Bombings Victims

Many college students are organizing charities (some even run!) in response to tragic explosions at the Boston Marathon.

The movement seems to be comforting to some:

“Seeing people off campus support Boston is really comforting to all of us at BC. Knowing that we have the whole country behind us is such a great feeling and really allows you to feel the unity in the United States of America. At a college with students from all 50 states, you could really see the personal concerns coming from all across the country.”

Read the entire story at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/17/college-students-help-boston-marathon_n_3096571.html

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